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And an insult to those who come here with a work permit have 10 x as much skills and education, and deported. "I read somewhere (I think here) that goat herding is om the rise in Stockholm.

Article 24 Financial and commercial governmental organs, and the responsible officials heading those organs, shall not use their position to favor or to disadvantage any political party.(He stayed across the hall from us in a dingy hotel and invited us over for a chat.Topics covered: killing Russians, the Quran, sex.) If the people had any view in common it was frustration with the lack of security.The order by the court for the dissolution of the political party shall be definite and final, and shall be published by mass media.Chapter five Final provisions Article 23 All political parties and political organizations shall register in accordance with the provisions of this law.

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    If it’s the latter you’re most worried about, I’d say you need to articulate exactly what sorts of dangers you’re worried your brother might face. Some suggestions: encourage him to meet people offline doing activities he enjoys; steer him to websites that allow him to see photos and profiles of people before interacting with them; look for online dating sites for people with disabilities; help him craft a dating profile that adequately conveys his challenges; instruct him not to give out his physical address to anyone he hasn’t met in person yet; tell him not to give out phone numbers to anyone he hasn’t exchanged at least several emails with—and to always meet dates at a public place, to tell others whom he’ll be meeting as well as when and where, to refrain from giving his last name to anyone he hasn’t yet met in person, and to take a self-defense course.

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