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when they each exceeded their authority as assistant manager.Ironically, he became assistant manager himself under Emmett, until he quit the Buy More to pursue his dream as a Benihana chef in Hawaii.When Chuck and Ellie's mother left, followed by their father leaving as well, Morgan was there even though they were both too young to understand what it meant.

"Guys, I know Kung-Fu." Morgan is aware of Chuck's secret life.

Much of Morgan's development as a character has continued to center around his friendship with Chuck and events at the Buy More.

On occasion, Morgan has been drawn into the main story.

Morgan Grimes and Chuck Bartowski have been best friends for most of their lives, dating back at least as early as kindergarten.

Much of the time has been spent being looked out for and protected by Chuck, including from bullies, but Morgan has also been there for him through many of the most difficult moments of Chuck's life.

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