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Believe me, the relationship goes down hill after that.

Having never dated a Puerto Rican myself but various other Hispanics, I have come to terms with the fact that the most important thing is someone whom you love and respect and who values you for who you are.Second, it seems like your boyfriend is initially interested in your Latino culture (I prefer Hispanic, but you used Latino so I will follow suit). Because if you marry this man, then you may have to face what I call "cultural fatigue." That is, the person gets tired and frustrated with the cultural differences and feel exhausted trying to learn a different culture that may be difficult to deal with or difficult to understand or approve of.Some non-Latino men will reject a woman's cultural heritage outright and want nothing to do with it. It may also occur if the Latino partner is so consumed with their Latino culture that they say things that are denigrating to the non-Latino's culture or talk about it so much that the non-Latino starts believing that the Latino things s/he is better.But do I throw away my relationship just because he's not Latino? How will other Latinas and Latinos view me if I marry a non-Latino? You should marry someone you love even if they don't have a professional degree so long as they love you back and treat you with respect.I plan on becoming a professor, how will it look to my future Latino/Latina students that I didn't marry a Latino? The sooner you understand this the sooner you will realize that there are men out there who may not have the degree, but who will treat you right.

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