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Thorne-Smith: There's not a huge difference, but I didn't have eight years with Charlie.

I had one year with Charlie and now I've had one year with Ashton [Kutcher]. Also, I know it looks like a lot has changed, but on-set, there's just one different person.

Luckily it's my sense of humor, so the further they push it, the better.

I love working with Holland [Taylor] and I love that Georgia [Engel] can say the most horrible thing in the world but do it in that adorable voice and it becomes the sweetest thing ever. Charlie Sheen - I'm Not Ready to Say Goodbye ETonline: You've been a part of pre and post-Sheen -- is there a difference?

But behind the on screen dramas, we got to learn a little more about our favorite 90’s guilty pleasure, the cast and the crew, thanks to Lifetime’s Unauthorized Melrose Place Story.

Check out the 11 things we all learnt from this tell-all…

We have similar comedy styles but nothing came of it. Pretty sure that's the first time we've seen that on TV!

Thorne-Smith: You work on long enough and you realize that they will go anywhere.

) and Locklear maintained her guest-star status (and dark roots) until the end of the shows run at season 7.4: Laura Leighton’s manager got her on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine We all know the cover – it’s now iconic – Laura Leighton, Josie Bissett and Heather Locklear looking all sexy with tousled hair and white tank tops and satin slips on the cover of Rolling Stones 1994 Hot Issue special…but it turns out, Courtney Thorne-Smith was originally in Leighton’s place and it wasn’t until Leighton’s then manager (who was also Heather Locklear and Bissett’s manager) suggested the two swap spots, ensuring Leighton (and her two other clients) made the cover.Thorne-Smith and Daphne Zuniga ended up being folded under the cover of the magazine.It's not quite as jarring to us as it is to the audience. I love drunk Lindsay, she’s hilarious, so I want to be drunk more. I keep asking if she could just throw up a little less.ETonline: Looking ahead with Lyndsey, what are you hoping for? Charlie Sheen's Big Screen Comeback ETonline: You've now played two of TV's most memorable drunks. Thorne-Smith: The thing about playing drunk is if you do it wrong, it looks so bad.

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