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Tamar is honored at The Soul Train Awards, and receives Grammy noms. Tamar makes her sisters sign a contract to do an album. Tamar can’t join because she’s promoting her single in NYC.

Trina tries to reunite Towanda and Tamar, but their feud continues. Toni talks to a biographer about bankruptcies and her biggest regret. Toni realizes there’s tension between Tamar and the other sisters. Trina calls a truce with Gabe for the kids and drops her band to focus on her solo career.

Arguments, meltdowns, interventions, wigs and “for real!!

” invaded WE tv all season, and now viewers will get the chance to see how the sisters really feel about each other now that the cat is out of the bag, on this one-hour special, premiering Tuesday, June 14th at 10|9c, directly following the season finale of Braxton Family Values at 9|8c.

Trina stresses over her next court date for her divorce and gets ready for a major fight. Traci’s behavior in Miami concerns family; worries about her drinking. Evelyn pushes the sisters to work out their issues, but they stay silent. Sisters come to LA as Toni gets ready for the Grammy Awards.

Daddy surprises everyone with an RV trip to an amusement park. Tamar feels threatened, and misses a big event for Toni’s son Diezel. Toni preps for a show in Miami; Traci shocks sisters with her behavior.

Tamar has ambitious photo shoot for her new album, but wardrobe is all wrong. Tamar is concerned that Trina’s boyfriend wants a private meeting with their father. Traci performs at Toni’s show; all the sisters are there. Mso Normal Table The sisters reconsider the album and decide to do a single instead. Sisters get surprise visits from brother Michael and Trina’s husband Gabe.

They visit their childhood house but are kicked out by the new owners.The sisters try to move forward after their dramatic dinner with Daddy. Toni invites Traci to sing during her show at a major jazz festival. Trina faces final divorce decisions and stresses over Bar Chix. Tamar gets feedback from the sisters on her single. Tamar wants to reconnect with her sisters but it backfires when her Atlanta concert comes up. Toni is honored with an award in Atlanta; sisters wonder where’s Tamar? After Trina’s court appearance, the family is fearful when she reveals shocking details of the divorce.Tamar tries to clear the air with Daddy, but isn’t ready to invite his wife to Vince’s birthday party. Daddy brings his wife to Mexico, stunning Miss Evelyn & the girls; all hell breaks loose when Toni invites Daddy and his wife to dinner; after years of misconceptions, the girls learn the shocking truth. Tamar wants the Hollywood Medium, Tyler Henry to connect with angels, but Trina is not on board & tension rises. Trina brings a mystery date to her superhero-themed 40th birthday party. In a messy divorce, Trina and her sons have just days to move out of their home. The sisters still have unresolved issues, but they reunite after finding out their mom needs surgery.Trina, Traci, and Towanda go on a game show and try to win a million dollars. Trina joins Tamar on the road, but Tamar’s upset the other sisters aren’t there, and misses Vince who’s away visiting doctors. Toni models for Autism cause at Fashion Week; Tamar and Vince meet potential surrogates to carry their baby.Trina performs her original songs at a gig in New Orleans.

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