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^Sc ».i4h W' THE BEADLE COLLECTION 13 of New York" (No. The "Library of Choice Fiction," also published in 1864, is represented only by "The Maiden Martyr," which deals with the New England witchcraft horror. Of "Beadle's Dime Fiction Library," published in 18, only five examples are present.

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Some of the books contain several such narratives, among them being stories of Marion and his men, of Daniel Morgan, of Tecumseh, Moody, Simon Girty, and other historic characters of pioneer times. These bring to an end the historical and semi-historical tales published under various imprints by the house of Beadle. There still remain, however, two other important phases of its activity which demand attention, and which, in point of chronology, even ante-dated the different types of books and pamphlets already described. This vol- ume appeared in 1866, preceding by a year the appearance of the pamphlet commonly accepted as the first edition of the tale. Of similar size and make-up are the series of "Dime Dialogues" and "Dime Speakers," which are also shown. Erastus Beadle was himself a great lover of out-door sports and out- door life (due, no doubt, to his immediate pioneer ancestry), and in addition to the baseball guides he published many other similar hand-books.

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