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A poll conducted by the Youth Advisory Council of the Sexual Education Alliance of New York City (SEANYC) in 2016 collected students’ suggestions for improving the quality of sex ed in their schools.

Improve methods of evaluation and public reporting: A review of sexual health education should be included as part of every school’s quality review, conducted by the Department of Education.The DOE does provide a snapshot of compliance with New York State requirements for health education in reporting the number and percent of students who completed health instruction, and the number and percent of teachers licensed to teach health.But this data would be more readily accessible to parents if it were included as part of every school’s quality review. School Wellness Councils are existing volunteer bodies that can provide oversight and emphasize the importance of sexual health education but they are not in place in every school.The Department of Education should thoroughly assess certified health teaching positions across the district in order to comply with state law and develop strategies for improving professional development and certification opportunities.Schools that do not have certified health instructors in grades 6-12 should provide a pathway for certification for at least one health instructor.

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