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It said that Steven “had been telling everyone for months that his wife was leaving him but he had a plan to beat her into staying.” The tipster added that he had noticed “a lot of bruises.” When prompted for more information on the suspect, the informant wrote that the Allens had a “large gun collection” and two big dogs.(One detective later noted that some of the reports seemed designed to trigger “a large/violent police response.”)The police left after interviewing Courtney, but three days later, two detectives knocked on the Allens’ door in the early afternoon.The officer assigned them a case number and advised them not to have any more contact with Zonis.Now, three days later, the two officers on Courtney’s doorstep explained why they had come: An anonymous tipster, who claimed to work with Steven, had left a report on the Crime Stoppers website.

The messages came from a wide range of addresses, and some appeared to be Steven. One to Steven’s grandmother warned that her house might burn down, with her in it, if she didn’t stay out of the Allens’ lives.

There’s no job either one of you guys can have that I won’t know about and be there.”The Kent police officer who took the Allens’ statement seemed unsure of what to make of their story.

Courtney and Steven told him who they believed was behind the harassment: a man in Arizona named Todd Zonis with whom Courtney had an online relationship that she had recently broken off.

Zonis was a freelance sound engineer with a flexible schedule.

The relationship with him offered “an escape,” Courtney says: “He was charming.

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