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This is such a great, great question, and I can’t wait to see what the readers say.

First, let me just say that this doesn’t sound so “casual” to me — the fact that these men were making these comments knowingly in your presence is shocking, and says a lot about the power dynamics at that lunch and in your sector.

People may even start coming to you to say “we have X job open, do you know anyone who might be looking?

” I would send out a few casual emails to see if other women in the area want to get together for drinks.

I’d avoid making the initial email a “call to action” or complaining in any way about your experience — but rather just putting the feeler out to see if people want to get together.

If other people have had similar experiences (and I’m sure they have) then your email will be welcome. Ultimately, I think you’re on the right track by getting out of the company — this misogyny is absolutely something that should be mentioned at your exit interview, and I might even go so far as to write a letter to them so that any woman in the future (who might, say, bring suit) has evidence that the higher ups knew of the problem.

c) Start a networking/support group for women in your niche area.

(I’m assuming one doesn’t already exist; if one does, join it!

Afterwards, I would have spoken to him, and no matter what I would start making a record of exactly what said at the lunch and in response to your complaint.) Beyond the actual moment, your options get wider. I wouldn’t advise this, and you say you’re not inclined to do this, but I thought I’d mention it anyway. You may already have a case for a hostile workplace (I’m just not up on the law enough to know), but I’m not sure I would advise this either, at least at this point — being a plaintiff in a law suit of this kind is unlikely to win you any friends, and will probably affect future job prospects.

I’m also going to assume that everyone at this lunch was, more or less, on the same “level,” and no supervisor was present.

So how DO you handle such sexism in the actual moment?

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