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He had been encouraged by reports that the land was fertile and the pastures rich.

The Governor, fearing problems if a second colony was created, denied Batman permission. Eight years later, in November 1834, Edward Henty ignored the rulings of the New South Wales governor and settled at Portland Bay.

In 1855 a Legislative Council and Legislative Assembly were created to administer the colony.

Melbourne is the capital of Victoria, and home to close to 4 million people.

Many of the citizens of Melbourne live in the suburbs that east and south of the Yarra River, sprawled around Port Phillip Bay and extending as far east as Mount Dandenong.

In his wake the colony established a separate police force, a customs office and, perhaps most importantly, a separate Lands Office.

By 1 July 1851, when the colony of Victoria was officially proclaimed, there were already more than 80 000 people living south of the Murray-Murrumbidgee and over six million sheep were being grazed on well-established properties.

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