Late night mature chat

"Where is the Jacuzzi" I asked, "through the side door in our bedroom" said Piers. Piers and Maureen were already in the tub with the water churning.

I could see Maureen was topless but I was a little self conscious and kept my bikini top on and settled in one of the curved seats. "You really need to strip off to get the full benefit of this thing, slip your bikini off and put it in the catch net beside you, Piers won't peak" she gave a laugh and turned the knobs and a pulse of water squirted between my legs.

I had to get one of these Jacuzzi hot tubs at home. I had to calm down and was losing track of the film.

A few minutes later Maureen was clambering in to the water and Piers was in his position as she passed me the brandy bottle from him.

The old bungalow that bordered their house and another was up for sale.

The lights dimmed as the Plasma screen unfolded from the balcony ceiling above us.

A very erotic film was just starting "do you mind" asked Maureen "I've not seen it".

We caught up with the UK TV news and a couple of programs and drank wine and chatted about where to go and what to see, Piers had the use of a friends yacht and we could also go sailing.

It looked like it was going to be a great month, it was a really hot sticky evening as Piers gave me a large brandy.

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