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According to the USDA, turkeys must have access to the outdoors in order to be called free-range.Producers like Norbest say that their free-range birds have unrestricted access to the outdoors and "may roam freely outside in the fresh air and sunshine, but still have access to shelter, fresh water, and nutritious feed." This means the birds have the ability to go outside if they want to, but it doesn't mean they actually did.While not an official turkey term, "regular turkey" is the term I use to describe a turkey that is not injected, self-basting, kosher, or in any way enhanced.A regular turkey contain just two things: turkey and water.Heritage varieties include Narragansett, American Bronze, Jersey Buff, and Bourbon Red.Producers like Diestel say that their heritage turkeys are free-range and organic.The package label must carry the phrase "basted" or "self-basted" and must list the quantity and common name of the ingredients used in the solution.

Some manufacturers inject only the breast meat, while others inject the entire bird.

Natural does not mean "not injected" or "not self-basted" or "not enhanced".

If you're looking for a turkey that has not been injected or enhanced, read the label carefully to make sure salt, natural flavorings, or other ingredients are not listed.

Bringing back these bronze birds provides our customers with the 'best of both worlds'old world history, flavor and beauty in combination with a wonderful yield of meat and that great old-fashioned turkey flavor."Heritage turkeys tend to have less breast meat and are stronger in flavor than commodity turkeys, but may also contain less fat and water, too.

This turkey is the most expensive of all and is found in limited numbers at high-end supermarkets and butcher shops.

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