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He was arrested and charged, according to a police re- port. Damage to the automobile was s Ugh L Rebels Defeated Bv KRKI Mc NKM Colunist Staff Rfporte^r VANCOUVER. Defeating Uie movement which would have given Howard Oreen and his supporters independence in all Federal matters. Anscomb was given a firm mandate as boas of Uie party's entire British Columbia poll Ucai or Kantzation.

Ladysmith police detained the man until arrival of the Duncan de- tachment. — Finance Minister Anscomb I today was planted firmly I back in his job as British Columbia Progiessive Con- servative leader. P.'s David Fulton of Kam- loops and Howard Green of Vancouver-Q u a d r a. Anscumb's re-election, fol- lowing his dramatic resignation Pn- day nigiit, rlmuixed two days ot bare-f Lslpd fighl Uig In a conven- tion which publicly waslied an un- precedented amount and variety ot political linen.

2 A helicopter la aaid to have * "spotted a field of 16 mines eloaar to H I shore” but tn the same general area. You can have any aij* bird you require on our assy budget plan. They have been found to ehaoge thoee mouth ennditient which are praaent in rases of tooth decay.

h O ne floating mine was destroyed S 31 miles north of the Sgth Parallel ■ and east of the dty of Koaong; the ■ other was destroyed ten miles ■ farther north. A furious deer hunter appeared almost as soon and demanded to know what in the blankety-bank she meant by singing Mrs. "I was a big enough fool to alng to keep a biggv fool from shooting me " The hunter blurted an apology and stamped off af Ur more gams SWITZER’S I It euta through Alai a»d feud dw posits « leav M your tooth hrtghi and dean I Your month will /aof cisanar — i eay» "Uy mouth never fait so alaao ! invirnratlng, delight- ful to taste — mmd you cam nnaa after oeing without destroying i|m ammoniated e/fec U Receiver! Rarely you want to de everything in your power to help yoor children have healthier teeth. "Bock of Tho Boy on Arano Woy" Wc cure the problem and make it painieva. How Amm-i-dent Works Carbamide and Dibasic Ammonium Pbosphats are the two active in- gredients in the Amm-i-dent for- mula usad in the eiinioal toeta.

pab Uabed M Isediag dsaiel Jearasla, ibal peop U Miai Aaim4dec H be the teat bed • r^ar Uen in the earn- her af aew eavitlea. 1949 users reparl beno- fklal rosultfl I-ecteei eo ile freaa IMS Amaad- deal aaers. edd la the nw-ard af pre«/ Ihet Amaa-4-d Ml reaiiaaee te be reepeosible fee redactna the a Msher af aew mrkim.

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when an early Monday tn Oc- tober was choeen for Tt«nki«tvtng 1 Now the Thankigtvinc date R fixed i MSJ nr r. but have been waitmg for an • mmaaiatad (oet Apasfe. he ney -General ed reputation at a tough, able ' aald “paid people have been uaed yeaten Uy fighter. I hate one requeat Further pro( Brltlah North America Act. Thousands of gallons of wa Utr streamed from the monitors of Uie R. ' "I have had nothing but co-(^ra- llon and support from Mr Ane- comb." he said "He has never tried Ths ancient ritual of glv Uig (hanks for a bountiful harvest will be performed by millions of Cana- dians this week-end. but ihe custom of praising God ror live year’s bless- ings dates from before the coming of Christ. The proof ii piling-up month after month, that Amm-i-dent may he reducing the number of nrw tooth eavitiee with its action is the mooth. Ukln, cbn- .» ^ been a auggea Uon "there U \PVOT thing wrong." ing as well sa Just a po UUcian.*' ^h, lectures promise to ■ "We've got something there. In above photo, left to right, art Guides Joan Carey, 1351 Camsew Street; Dorothy and Katherine Gelb. "or is he a ronstliu Uniial monarch who must take odtir-? Ans- enmb hnd been responsible tar split- i Jng the j Mirty and sugge Ated thar Mr Aiis«-«»mb s Jiould have no say in Federal matters Ma J.-Oen. Anscomb saying: *The es- sential thing U that we rjumot liave two associations— there U only one group. Scienti Ac elmirs U lasts «hnw really promising rwmlta from the usa of Amm-i-dant Toe Uv paeta. an lota of good things about It we IX Pemberton Building, was Uter demands ^eiperlence and abl Uty, , Thursday 1 want to keep." i found on the Prince Robert H-use Mr WUmer, who has Just relumed parking lot. Almost Over Olrl Guides of the 4th West Cathedral Troop sorted 25.000 popples yesterday at Remembrance Day Committee headquarters, SIO Cormorant Strec L Starting at A-m^ they worked through until noon filling bags and mounting popples on display cards. Anscomb "Is our prnvinruil lender to be s man whose word is law." he .shnuted. the Anrt genuine ammoniated toothpaste from that formula. Grant, p Ucatod these days, be said, and Intending to ! T ^ W Aiu KUjiiu Miu 111* gii^ : in a -■ nrw f f^fi T*nf^ ^ terests had been known throughout ' pros cabinet career and had never j 1,514 LM ■ * ■ R 1 1 gl fl 1 Ifi ■■ I Y i • f questioned by former Premier ' cum •A S. Dockyard yesterday afternoon, to attract the lntere:$t of many visitors to Esqulma H who accepted the Pacific Command s ope of incident after inctdetit where our efforu to or- gantre haie been stultified by Mr. That's why Amm-i-daot was able Wi bring yoo the Am ammoniated tooth powder, and now.

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