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I literally felt like I had spent two hours reassuring complete novices that it is possible to simply talk to a girl.

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So this first friend sat downstairs, with some of her other friends, and instead requested I tweet updates after every date, so she could virtually follow proceedings upstairs!

Miss32 is a seasoned singleton, who lives just around the corner from the venue, so had taken my Facebook appeal for friends to join me as a sign!

When I last speed dated, the boys and girls were kept relatively separate at the start of the night, so you couldn’t really see who you would be meeting later.

Each girl was sat at her own individual table, and the seats were positioned so that every time the bell rang, your new date approached you from behind, so every date had an air of surprise. As the three of us walked up the stairs, leaving the rest of the girls drinking downstairs, we were immediately faced with all the guys we would be dating that night.

I knew before I’d even reached the top step that pickings would be slim!

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