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You’d kind of expect that sort of thing from Suda, but apparently the story was Digital Reality’s idea.

The major influence seems to be fellow horizontal scroller Einhänder, although you can still see elements of much older games such as R-Type – particularly when it comes to the bigger enemies.Indeed, instead of presenting coitus as something intimate or possibly even spiritual, Oblowitz depicts it as a sort of base demonic energy that can be used as either a weapon or form of currency, though it has very little true intrinsic value otherwise.In fact, in the film—a dark noir romance featuring an incest-fueled bizarre love triangle—sex is depicted as the true root of all evil, especially as far as the forsaken male protagonist and his similarly vulgarly tragic twin sister are concerned.Sine Mora’s originally stated goal was to create an old-fashioned 2D shooter with state-of-the-art presentation and visuals.And from the second it starts it’s clear it’s achieved exactly that, with some gorgeous graphics, that still look good today, and an excellent score by Silent Hill’s Akira Yamaoka.

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