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Everybody in this world cares very deeply — whether they’re awful, wonderful or, most of them, somewhere in between — they all care deeply about the politicking and give a lot of thought to everything they do.

Do you sort of feel you have to distinguish yourself from Ramsay? I think Ramsay was a great character and played by a great actor [Iwan Rheon]. I think Euron is not, which makes things a bit more conflicted within him. The way Ahri looks makes a ton of sense for a succubus.It is also crucial to recognize that even within the “attractive character” space, there is huge potential variety in the ways that attractiveness can express itself (there’s a reason I used Lux, Ahri, and Jinx in the above example).We dream of films set in League’s universe and seeing our favorite champions come to life in movie theaters, but the track record on video game movies is a humbling lesson. And while the geek in us would love to rush into moviemaking, it’s definitely not something we rush into. Cinematic storytelling just requires different muscles than storytelling for games, so we’re working on building those muscles and learning as we go.We have a ton of talented folks actively experimenting with different storytelling formats, and it’s definitely a hope that someday we’ll see the fruits of that experimentation on the big screen (or the small screen, or wherever it makes the most sense).

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    With User Patch v1.4, you can provide a music playlist for the game to use as background music during gameplay.

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