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A number of Beau's relatives, especially Mother Burnside (Lucille Benson) and Cousin Fan (Ruth Mc Devitt), are unhappy about Beau marrying a "Yankee". Despite not knowing a thing about riding a horse, Mame accepts.After a wild ride, Mame accidentally captures the fox.

Beau falls in love and brings Mame and Patrick to his family's plantation in Peckerwood, Georgia, where they're greeted coolly by Sally Cato (Joyce Van Patten).Bridget), Agnes and the boy arrive at Mame's home, where they walk into a wild party that Mame is giving for a holiday she herself created (It's Today).Patrick asks if he may slide down her banister, then reveals his true identity.Mame introduces the boy to her friends, including a renowned stage actress (and famous lush), Vera Charles (Beatrice Arthur).Mame decides that she wants to fill the child's life with adventure (Open a New Window).

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