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Everything that you wrote about it covered all of the questions that I had as far as it's performance and reliability.

The only downside that I can see is the plain black front sight.

(BRAVO on the handling of "JA's" limp-wristed feedback from December `16. I know that because I buy lots of 50 to 100 thousand primers at a time.

He/she is just a troll who has no reason to be on this site other than to bust yer balls. I'd stand by you any day versus that twit.) Martin R. The action is so smooth that you can cock it Quickly and Smoothly.

Once I receive mine, I'll put it in my drill press and "dimple" the front sight so that iridescent paint can be applied. The seller told me he had bought it off a Navajo Indian on the way to the show. I don't think they well bury me with it, but it is the pistol that I grab first when heading out.

Again, thanks for your review and for a kick-a$$ site! I have put over a 135,000 rounds through it in the last 50 Plus years.

There are a few Reviewers that I respect and am very entertained by on You Tube and print as it seems we are like - minded (fir the most part).

Wolf Stumpf October 4, 2017 Thank you for that great story. jeff Working on my loads for the 450 and just got new data from Barnes via Hodgdon that is just out.

Have looked in vain for one but they just seem not to be for sale.

Thanks for listening, Eddy November 5, 2017 If you ever get the chance to go to the Tulsa, OK Gun Show, it is worth the trip. If one is to be found anywhere, Tulsa is the place. I just ordered one on Sunday and I'm ANXIOUSLY awaiting it's arrival.

Could not find what to do on web site to make that happen. I read the same article, something about the way he worded things made you feel like you new him.

Anyway, in 1979 I was working as a draftsman, about 9,000 per year income, wife full time college student, saving for down payment on old farm house so cash was limited to say the least.

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